Meet the team. The VIBE Lab comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, including engineering, mathematics, basic science, and medicine. Students interested in a position should contact Dr. Cheng for a meeting.

Chris Cheng, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Surgery
Principal Advisor, VIBE

Dr. Cheng has over 20 years of experience in academic research and the medical device industry. His academic research has focused on hemodynamics and vascular structure mechanics, with an emphasis on disease research and medical device interactions with the body. In his industry experience, Dr. Cheng has worked at small and large medical device companies, with experience spanning design, manufacturing, preclinical testing, clinical trials, and marketing. Currently, Dr. Cheng is CEO of an early-stage medical device company developing a catheter-based solution for gallstone disease.

You can download Dr. Cheng’s CV here.

Ga-Young Kelly Suh, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Surgery
Principal Advisor, VIBE

Dr. Suh is a starting member of VIBE lab and has been working with Dr. Cheng since 2011. She is specialized in analyzing complex geometry and motion of human vessels in 3D and correlating with clinical outcome of medical device implants including stents and endografts. Dr. Suh manages patient recruitment, regulatory process, and medical image data acquisition as well. She has trained every student in VIBE lab to help their engagement in research projects.

You can download Dr. Suh’s CV here.

Gilwoo Choi, PhD
Adjunct Lecturer


Jean Bismuth, MD
Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery, Houston Methodist

Venita Chandra, MD
Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University

Michael Dake, MD
Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Stanford University

Ronald Dalman, MD
Professor and Chief of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University

Dominik Fleischmann, MD
Professor of Radiology and Chief of Cardiovascular Imaging, Stanford University

Nate Itoga, MD
Vascular Surgery Resident, Stanford University

Jason Lee, MD
Professor of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University

Regent Lee, MD
Clinical Lecturer of Vascular Surgery, University of Oxford

Toby Lundh, PhD
Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology

Alison Marsden, PhD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Bioengineering, Stanford University

Matthew Mell, MD
Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University

Kenneth Tran, MD
Vascular Surgery Resident, Stanford University

Brant Ullery, MD
Vascular Surgeon, Providence Heart and Vascular Institute

Lab Alumni

Johan Bondesson – Visiting Graduate Student

Max Frolich – Graduate Student

John Kim – Undergraduate Student

Marissa Cucinotta – Graduate Student

Toby Lundh – Visiting Professor

Yun Shi – Visiting Scholar

Kelly Suh – Postdoctoral Fellow

Brant Ullery – Vascular Surgery Fellow

Brian Liu – Medical Student

David Zhu – Medical Student

Kelsey Hirotsu – Medical Student

Phillip DiGiacomo – Graduate Student

Kathleen Torres – Graduate Student

Riley Marangi – Undergraduate Student

Robert Stineman – Undergraduate Student

Jennifer Sekar – Undergraduate Student

Sarah Cabreros – Undergraduate Student

Michael Eseigbe – Undergraduate Student