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Meet the team. The VIBE Lab comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, including engineering, mathematics, basic science, and medicine. Interested students/trainees/scholars can contact Dr. Cheng for a meeting.

Chris Cheng, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Surgery

Dr. Christopher Cheng has 25+ years of experience in academic research and the medical device industry. In his industry experience, he has worked at small and large medical device companies, with experience spanning design, manufacturing, preclinical testing, clinical trials, and marketing. Currently, Dr. Cheng is President & CEO of Global Science & Technology (, where he runs company-wide operations as well as a consulting practice dedicated to helping medical device companies holistically evaluate and improve biomechanical compatibility of medical implants. Dr. Cheng edited the Handbook of Vascular Motion (see Book), the first and only book dedicated to how blood vessels move. He is also President of the Cardiovascular Implant Durability Inc. (see Conference), a non-profit organization working with industry, academia, and government regulators to improve the durability of medical devices. Dr. Cheng’s CV, and LinkedIn

Pauline Berens, MD

Vascular Surgery Resident

Shanmugesh Raja

Undergraduate Student

Johan Bondesson, PhD


Academic Collaborators

Jean Bismuth, MD – Vascular Surgeon, Katy Heart and Vascular Institute

Stephen Black, MD – Professor of Venous Surgery, King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust

Venita Chandra, MD – Clinical Professor of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University

Michael Dake, MD – Senior Vice President for the University of Arizona Health Sciences

Ronald Dalman, MD – Professor of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University

Howaida El-Said, MD – Professor of Pediatric Cardiology, University of California San Diego

Dominik Fleischmann, MD – Professor of Radiology and Chief of Cardiovascular Imaging, Stanford University

Stéphan Haulon, MD – Professor of Vascular Surgery and Head of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery, Hospital Marie Lannelongue

Andrew Holden, MD – Associate Professor and Director of Interventional Radiology, Auckland City Hospital

Jason Lee, MD – Professor and Chief of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University

Alison Marsden, PhD – Professor of Pediatrics and Bioengineering, Stanford University

Eric Roselli, MD – Professor and Chair of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic

Jordan Stern, MD – Clinical Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University

Ga-Young Kelly Suh, PhD – Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, California State University Long Beach

Wilson Szeto, MD – Professor and Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Pennsylvania

Kenneth Tran, MD – Clinical Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery, Stanford University

Lab Alumni

Gilwoo Choi, PhD – PhD Student and Adjunct Lecturer

Toby Lundh, PhD – Visiting Professor

Yun Shi, MD – Visiting Scholar

Ga-Young Kelly Suh, PhD – Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Associate, and Adjunct Professor

Brant Ullery, MD – Vascular Surgery Fellow

Johan Bondesson – PhD Student and Postdoctoral Fellow

Brian Liu – Medical Student

David Zhu – Medical Student

Kelsey Hirotsu – Medical Student

Max Frohlich – Graduate Student

John Kim – Graduate Student

Phillip DiGiacomo – Graduate Student

Kathleen Torres – Graduate Student

Riley Marangi – Undergraduate Student

Robert Stineman – Undergraduate Student

Jennifer Sekar – Undergraduate Student

Sarah Cabreros – Undergraduate Student

Michael Eseigbe – Undergraduate Student