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Welcome to the VIBE lab

The VIBE Lab (Vascular Intervention Biomechanics & Engineering Laboratory) focuses on understanding the mechanics of the cardiovascular system, especially with respect to interactions between medical devices and the dynamic cardiovascular environment.  We use medical imaging, 3D geometric modeling, and custom deformation quantification techniques to investigate disease processes and medical device performance.  We are interested in the dynamics of the heart, aorta, and peripheral vasculature, and are always seeking ways to apply our research to current and emerging therapies.  While our research pursuits seek to add to the fundamental understanding of cardiovascular biomechanics, all of our projects are directly related to improving medical device design, evaluation, regulation, and their use in clinical practice.

Featured Research

Learn more about our research involving all vasculature of the human body.


Get to know our team, academic collaborators, and alumni. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including engineering, mathematics, basic science, and medicine.

Handbook of Vascular Motion

Learn more about the Handbook of Vascular Motion.

The Cardiovascular Implant Durability Conference

Learn more about the CVID conference.


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